New chair of HTR says ‘we need to learn to deal with our past’

08 October 2007

An article written by Brian Rowan and published on page 10 of the Belfast Telegraph on 8 October interviewed Healing Through Remembering’s new chair, Dr Brandon Hamber, about his past experiences working in post-apartheid South Africa and his contributions to issues of addressing the past regarding the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.
Hamber stated in the article that when post-conflict societies look to international lessons on dealing with the past, they tell us ‘on the whole, the past doesn’t just go away, and that it stays there in some shape or form.’ Continuing on, Hamber stated that despite the reluctance some societies feel, one ‘can’t really escape the past.’

Brandon Hamber is also a senior lecturer and research co-ordinator of INCORE – a United Nations research centre for the study of conflict.