Whatever You Say, Say Something project update

24 August 2011

Healing Through Remembering is delighted to report that its Whatever you say, say something project has surpassed its expectations and proposed targets.  This is a Peace III funded 3 year project which comes to an end in December 2011.
In designing this project a range of targets were developed against which the success of the project would be measured.
As of June 2011 and with six months still left to run, all of these targets have been exceeded.  We set out to hold 20 events assisting victims and survivors for 500 participants.  To date we have reached 649 participants in over 30 different events.  HTR also set out to hold 113 conflict resolution workshops for different groups on dealing with the past.  145 have been held to date in which almost 1,500 participants took part.
The project will continue to offer opportunities for individuals and groups who are interested in dealing with the past in the remaining months of the project.