HTR’s second International Study Visit going to Bosnia-Hercegovina & Serbia

Healing Through Remembering as part of its PEACE III funded Voyager project will be leading a second International Study Visit.  The purpose of HTR’s international study visits is to stimulate learning and mutual support around identified issues in different locales.

While it was originally planned for this study visit to go to Israel/Palestine, circumstances beyond HTR’s control dictated that the location be changed and Bosnia-Hercegovina and Serbia was chosen as an alternative given many of the same issues related to transitional justice, relationship with history, absence of an agreed narrative of the recent conflict, and the debate around how to best address the needs of victims/survivors.

The study visit will take place between 15-21 March 2014 and the group participating is comprised of individuals working in a wide variety of organisations and community groups throughout Northern Ireland and the Border region.  The group will be hosted by local organisations B92 in Serbia and Youth Initiative for Human Rights (BiH) in Bosnia-Hercegovina.

International Study Visit participants were recruited through an application process and competition for the limited number of places was high.  Applicants were chosen based on how they met the specified criteria, including their reach to local groups to whom they would bring back their learning from the visit.

This second International Study Visit compliments the range of activities under the Voyager project which aims to build local capacity and learning on issues related to dealing with the legacy of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.