Healing Through Remembering Welcomes the NIO Public Consultation on Stormont House Agreement Legislation

23 July 2018

Healing Through Remembering (HTR) welcomes the announcement of the Northern Ireland Office (NIO) Public Consultation on Addressing the Legacy of Northern Ireland’s Past. This considers the draft legislation and other elements arising from the Stormont House Agreement (SHA).

The SHA outlines initiatives that were developed collectively by the Northern Ireland political parties to deal with the legacy of the conflict.  The Consultation presents these initiatives in greater detail for wider society to consider before formal legislation is passed on these issues. The consultation is open from 11 May until 5pm on 10 September 2018.

It is important that this Consultation gathers the fullest possible range of views from the public.

HTR is offering a versatile range of resources to facilitate public engagement with the Consultation.

Documents:  A simple aid booklet is available (hard copy and downloadable) which places the Consultation questions alongside corresponding pages of an existing HTR Resource document that explains the detail of the SHA. It offers a range of ‘points to consider’ in relation to each element of the SHA.  There is also a more detailed aid (downloadable presentation) which explains aspects of the proposed legislation,  encouraging greater depth and expanding on the ‘points to consider’.

Facilitators:  HTR has a team of trained facilitators who are available to assist organisations or groups of people to discuss the issues involved and to make a considered response to the Consultation.  If you wish to engage with a facilitator, please contact us on admin@healingthroughremembering.org

Events: There will also be a number of HTR events to explore different aspects of the Consultation.

Full details of all of these resources and support are available on the HTR website Legacy Resources page www.healingthroughremembering.org

As an organisation that has spent the last two decades vigorously examining issues of dealing with the past relating to our conflict, HTR encourages everyone to take part in this Consultation.  How we deal with the legacy of violent conflict concerns us all: this is about how we come to terms with the past, live together peacefully, and build a better future where all can flourish.

Further Support

Additional options for further support are highlighted in the Consultation documents: please refer to the Victims and Survivors Service (www.victimsservice.org) and Commission for Victims and Survivors (www.cvsni.org) for more information.