Virtual Day of Reflection

21 June 2020

On Sunday 21st June Healing Through Remembering is again marking the Day of Reflection.

Due to the current restrictions on social gathering due to the covid-19 pandemic this year the Day is being marked virtually with an emphasis on the reflective petals for the HTR thought wall.

HTR friends and members are being asked to share their reflective words with us  – they will then be written on blank cardboard gorse petals – and tweeted between 12noon and 6pm.

Links to the HTR films Ordinary Objects Extraordinary Times, Day of Reflection and When the Summit is Shrouded in Mist, will also be shared.

To emphasise the need for progress on the issue of the legacy of the past, the Day will also focus on the HTR Core Values and Principles for Dealing with the Past.

The content will also be available on facebook.