Museums and Heritage Organisations Join Forces to Address Legacy and Conflict Issues

28 June 2023

The Conflict and Legacy Interpretive Network has been established through collaboration between Bloody Sunday Trust/Museum of Free Derry, National Museums NI (Ulster Museum), and Healing Through Remembering. This network aims to connect museums and heritage organisations actively engaged in conflict and legacy issues, highlighting their important role in promoting dialogue and building mutual understanding.

The primary objective of the network is to promote, acknowledge and respect diverse perspectives and viewpoints on the recent conflict, fostering greater awareness and discourse surrounding ongoing legacy and reconciliation issues. This will be achieved by mapping the network members and explaining the narratives and experiences that they are concerned with. In doing so, this will make it possible for visitors, researchers, and special interest groups to better navigate the conflict legacy landscape in Northern Ireland/Ireland.

To facilitate a better understanding by local and international audiences, a new website – – has been launched. This platform will serve as a gateway to access the extensive work undertaken by the network and illuminate the multifaceted dimensions of the region’s history. By bringing together diverse organisations on the ground, the network highlights the fundamental reality that The Troubles is perceived and remembered in many different ways.

William Blair, Director of Collections at National Museums NI, expressed his support for the network and the importance he attaches to it, stating:

“As custodian of an extensive and internationally significant collection relating to the Troubles, we have a crucial responsibility to ensure that all aspects of Northern Ireland’s contested past are empathetically explored and debated. The Ulster Museum continues to play an important role in raising awareness of our complex history through exhibitions such as Silent Testimony and the Troubles and Beyond. I have no doubt that our participation in this network will further strengthen our contributions in this significant area.”

Maeve McLaughlin, Director of the Bloody Sunday Trust, emphasised the importance of the network in curating multiple perspectives, stating:

“The Conflict and Legacy Interpretive Network serves as a crucial platform for bringing together diverse voices and narratives. By engaging with various viewpoints, we can foster a deeper understanding of our complex history and contribute to a society that embraces inclusivity, truth, and healing.”

Cate Turner from Healing Through Remembering highlighted the network’s role in building upon established practices in dealing with legacy issues stating:

“Through this network, we aim to advance the collective effort in addressing legacy issues. By garnering the expertise and experience of diverse organisations, we can ensure that our endeavours are comprehensive, impactful, and contribute to lasting reconciliation.”

Network Members visit National Museums NI at Cultra