Statement regarding Secretary of State and political parties’ discussions on dealing with the past

Healing Through Remembering welcomes the moves by Secretary of State Owen Paterson and the political parties of Northern Ireland to focus upon issues of dealing with the past.

There is an urgent need to address the legacy of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland as it is a problem that is confronted by individuals and communities on a daily basis.

However, at that grassroots level, there is also a significant amount of work and research that has been done in this area to date.  There is a substantial range of skills and experience among a variety of groups on the ground that have been focused upon addressing the past.  This learning should inform the developing political debate.

It is our hope that these recent developments between the Secretary of State and Northern Ireland’s political parties will progress this important debate while drawing on community experience.  To ensure a peaceful future it is important that the legacy of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland is properly addressed.


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