Healing Through Remembering launches Discussion Resource on Legacy Elements of the Stormont House Agreement

5 April 2016

Healing Through Remembering are pleased to announce the launch of our Discussion Resource on the Legacy Elements of the Stormont House Agreement (SHA). This informative booklet offers concise summaries of each of the legacy proposals outlined principally within paragraphs 21 to 55 of the SHA – the section entitled ‘The Past’.

Recognising the need for clearer information about the legacy mechanisms proposed within the SHA, this resource has been developed with the intention of informing public debate and enabling a range of stakeholders to further engage with the proposed mechanisms of the SHA. These include the Implementation and Reconciliation Group (IRG), Oral History Archive (OHA), Independent Commission on Information Retrieval (ICIR) and Historical Investigations Unit (HIU) as well as other elements included in the SHA.

Developed in consultation with the members and Board of Healing Through Remembering, the resource summarises the content of the Agreement and offers a number of questions that individuals and groups in society may wish to consider about each proposed legacy mechanism. For those wishing to engage further, it includes references to specific paragraphs in the SHA for each proposal, enabling the user to easily locate the text as written within the agreement.

The resource is aimed at offering a clear summary of information for all stakeholders. As such, it is freely available for groups and organisations to make use of it however they see fit, and we encourage the widest distribution possible.

The resource is available on the Healing Through Remembering website (pdf copy) or from the office in Belfast (hardcopy).  Please email Thomas at admin@healingthroughremembering.org or phone 028 9023 8844 for more information.

The Stormont House Agreement can be accessed here.


For further information contact:

Sarah Jankowitz

at Healing Through Remembering

028 90238844