HTR Board member appointed to NI Human Rights Commission (NIHRC)

18 July 2011

Secretary of State Owen Paterson MP announced the appointment of Alan McBride, an HTR Board member, as a new commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission along with other other new appointees, Grainia Long, Christine Collins, John Corey, Milton Kerr, Marion Reynolds, and Paul Yam. Michael O’Flaherty has been appointed the new Chief Commissioner.
The new commissioners are expected to take up their new posts in September 2011.
The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC) was created as a part of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement through the Northern Ireland Act 1998 and is “an independent body which promotes awareness of the importance of human rights in Northern Ireland and keeps the adequacy and effectiveness of law and practice under review.”
Owen Paterson said: “The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission plays an important role in protecting and promoting human rights in Northern Ireland. The new Chief Commissioner and seven new Commissioners bring with them skills, understanding and knowledge that will contribute greatly to the Commission’s work.
“Twelve years after its establishment, the Commission continues to face a range of challenges that are changing as Northern Ireland society changes. I am confident that the new Chief Commissioner and Commissioners will help meet these challenges in a way that commands support across the community.”
The six outgoing Commissioners are Colin Harvey, Geraldine Rice, Anne Hope, Thomas Duncan, Alan Henry and Monica McWilliams as Chief Commissioner.
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