HTR launch Ethical Principles for Storytelling and Narrative work

24 June 2009

Storytelling and narrative work is increasingly promoted as a way of dealing with the past relating to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.  It is therefore timely that Healing Through Remembering [HTR] is offering a set of principles for storytelling and narrative work related to the conflict.  It is hoped that these will assist the development of good practice and help protect against negative outcomes.

Healing Through Remembering will launch Ethical Principles – Storytelling and Narrative Work on June 24 2009.  The document outlines a set of 20 ethical principles for storytelling and narrative work connected to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland.

Claire Hackett, Chair of Storytelling Sub Group, Quote: ‘In many post conflict settings storytelling and narrative work is recognized as one of the elements for dealing with the past.  The increase in this kind of work locally has seen a growing demand for standards and best practice.  We hope the Ethical Principles will find a wide audience and be both an aid to and a stimulus for beneficial storytelling and narrative work.’
Many believe that it is important to record experiences of conflict as a historical resource and as a way of enabling society to deal with the past.  HTR recognises that there is a real need for the development of shared ethical principles, as experience demonstrates that storytelling and narrative work is neither easy nor simple

Kate Turner, Director of HTR, Quote: ‘Healing Through Remembering hopes that the principles will enable a wider debate about the contribution that storytelling and narrative work can make to dealing with the past. As more and more groups consider storytelling and narrative work as a method of dealing with the past, it is hoped that the Principles will lead to shared learning and be a useful tool in working through the ethical dilemmas that arise.’
Healing Through Remembering, (HTR) has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund through the PEACE III Programme to further its work on dealing with the past .
The launch of the ethical principles document will take place on Wednesday 24th June at 10.30am at the Healing Through Remembering offices, Ormeau Avenue.

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