LMM Sub Group tours Belfast City Cemetery

10 November 2010

In October the Living Memorial Museum Sub Group toured Belfast City Cemetery, guided by historian Tom Hartley.  Tom gave a fascinating insight to the many Victorian graves, including the lives of the people buried there and the use of symbols and different carvings on the headstones.  The group was able to see the underground wall that runs nine feet deep, built to divide Catholic and Protestant graves.

The personal stories highlighted the rich and diverse history of the city of Belfast and included people involved in the World Wars, industry, education, the arts, sport, people from the Jewish and Muslim communities, and people involved in the conflict.  There was a general consensus from the group that the tour had been very informative and interesting, prompting much discussion at the subsequent meeting.  Tom talked about the way in which visiting a cemetery can challenge prejudice and help people to come to terms with the complexities of their shared history.

If you are interested in being a part of the next HTR tour of the City Cemetery, contact Claire Smith on 9023 8844 or email claire@healingthroughremembering.org.