HTR, IFA and Belfast Celtic Society to host event at Stormont

14 February 2011

On 17 February at 7.30pm, with support from the EU the Irish FA, in association with the Belfast Celtic Society and Healing Through Remembering, will play host to a ground breaking piece of drama as well as a facilitated Dealing With The Past interactive workshop in the Senate Chamber at Stormont Buildings, Belfast.

The drama, entitled ‘Lish and Gerry At The Shrine’ is based around two Northern Irish Football legends who crossed the sectarian divide in the 1940s. Elisha Scott was the Protestant manager of Belfast Celtic while Gerry Morgan was Linfield’s Catholic trainer.

At the end of the drama, a local community based group, Healing Through Remembering, will facilitate a workshop which will touch on the issues raised during the play and encourage people from the local football family to share their stories about the good community relations work going on in the sport today.

Healing Through Remembering is a cross community organisation that specialises in dealing with the past as it relates to the conflict in and about Northern Ireland through expert facilitators.

Kate Turner, Director at Healing Through Remembering said: “Healing Through Remembering is pleased to be part of the discussion about this difficult incident from the sporting past. Sport is an integral part of community identity. It can exacerbate existing tribalism, but it can also be a common link that crosses boundaries. Looking at contentious issues in the past can help us understand how we relate to each other in the present, thereby building a more peaceful future.”

Michael Boyd, Head of Community Relations at the Irish FA added: “This witty, clever and moving drama was first shown at Windsor Park in 2010 and was so successful that a group of local MLAs decided to bring the event to Stormont. The Association has learnt from the past and moved on to become a community focused organisation which is main-streaming community relations into the heart of the Association.

“I am delighted that Healing Through Remembering are onboard as a key partner in the event. Their expertise and facilitation skills will be in valuable at the workshop which will take place after the drama.”