Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict exhibition opens in San Sebastian

A panel version of the Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict exhibition is now on the move again after being installed at the Gernika Peace Museum in the Basque Country/Spain since March 2013.

It is now being installed in San Sebastian at the Cultural Centre of Aiete until 27 November 2013, with the opening tomorrow as part of the International Day of Peace on 21 September.

This exhibition is made possible through partnerships between the House of Peace and Human Rights Aiete, Gernika Peace Museum, Donostia Kultura, and Healing Through Remembering (HTR).

The labels for the panels and corresponding artefacts are presented in four languages: Basque, English, French, and Spanish.

In conjunction with the panel exhibition while it is in San Sebastian, there will be several events taking place, including a gathering of Mayors for Peace as well as a gathering of artists.

A group from HTR visited the panel exhibition as part of an international study visit sponsored by PEACE III funding.  The group was hosted in the Basque Country by the Gernika Peace Museum and visited the House of Peace and Human Rights Aiete in May 2013.

Healing Through Remembering’s online exhibition is adding more and more stories during the exhibition’s tour throughout Northern Ireland and the border counties.

If you would like to contribute a story about an everyday object you own, and which has been transformed by the conflict, please contact exhibition curator Tríona White Hamilton by telephoning 028 9023 8844 or emailing exhibition@healingthroughremembering.org.