Everyday Objects Exhibition – A Conversation with Brian Rowan and others who have objects in the Exhibition

27 February 2023

Healing Through Remembering is hosting a conversation with Brian Rowan and others who have lent objects to the Everyday Objects Transformed by the Conflict Exhibition on Monday, 6 March 2023 at 11.00 GMT at Newry City Library.

The event will involve conversation amongst people whose ‘everyday objects transformed by the conflict’ are part of the travelling exhibition currently in Newry City Library. Those taking part include former security correspondent Brian Rowan (author of Living with Ghosts: The Inside Story from a Troubles Mind) who has lent cheque book pages with notes from his days as a Security Correspondent, Laurence McKeown who has lent a bow tie made from a prison blanket, and Lee Lavis who has lent an army beret with a link to Newry.

Registeration for the event can be completed at this link. All are welcome.