Healing Through Remembering Statement on NIO Command Paper

Healing Through Remembering finds it incomprehensible that Brandon Lewis, Secretary of State, and the British Government would, in effect, completely disregard and disrespect the views of thousands of people by tearing up the Stormont House Agreement and acting in such bad faith. Furthermore, we find the fact that the proposed process imposes what amounts to a blanket amnesty is both disingenuous and indefensible.

Healing Through Remembering recognised that the Stormont House Agreement was not an ideal solution, but we supported it as a genuine and broadly acceptable attempt to deal with the legacy of the past. Healing Through Remembering cannot support the current proposals of the British Government. An arrogant, unilateral, and partisan process is no way to build a peaceful reconciled society.

Healing Through Remembering calls on the Secretary of State to explain how – as stated in the Command Paper – he sees this proposal as meeting the Stormont House Agreement principles, specifically in relation to the rule of law and reconciliation. Patently, the Paper does the opposite, and will reflect shamefully on those responsible for it.

Until and unless all parties rise to the responsibility of honestly and respectfully grappling with the legacy of the conflict in and about Northern Ireland together, the past will continue to undermine progress in our society.

6 September 2021